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Historic Metalwork Restoration for Period and Character buildings from metalwork specialists Fabco Sanctuary since 1993.

Our Metalwork service ranges from Steel Window supply only, through to full design, manufacture and installation of steel windows and Historic building Metalwork anywhere in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

Services include...

Window Protection:

Our specification of stainless steel window guards for prestigious and historic windows is considered to be the benchmark that all others should follow and is backed by our indefinite guarantees against corrosion and even against a determined attack of vandalism.

Replacement Window Casement Service:

Fabco provide Steel Window Restoration for Historic and Modern Buildings. Timber outer frames, both soft and hardwood are available for all windows. With an extensive range of window profiles and furniture to choose from.

Steel Window Frame Restoration:

Steel Window Guard Fabrication

Our craftsmen specialise in the sympathetic conservation and repair of existing period and historic metal casement windows so that they can be enjoyed for many generations to come. Recent steel window restoration projects include 11,500 windows at Christ's Hospital School and restoration of metal casements to Walpole's Villa, Strawberry Hill.

Gates and Railings and other Historic Metalwork:

Decorative Period and Historic metalwork restoration is performed by our experienced metal work craftsmen in steel wrought iron and cast iron. Fabco Sanctuary can manufacture replica or new architectural metalwork.


Restoration, tipping or manufacture of ferramenta, glazing and saddle bars.

Isothermal Glazing:

Isothermal glazing offers a superior type of glazing frame that provides support and longevity for your steel window frames.

Our success is based on skilled craftsmanship, authoritative experience, conscientious professionalism and close attention to our clients' needs. We are more than happy to give free impartial advice and have helped many Authorities, Architects, Surveyors, and Contractors.

Clients include English Heritage, The National Trust, Welsh Heritage (CADW), Historic Scotland, The Church of England, town councils, and private houses.