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Steel Windows – Benefits & Costs

Steel framed windows have become a popular choice for homeowners and builders in recent years due to their unique aesthetic and long-lasting durability. These windows offer a sleek look that can complement a wide range of architectural styles. They are also known for their strength and ability to withstand harsh weather conditions.

In this article, we will explore the benefits and costs of steel windows, including their energy efficiency and maintenance requirements.

If you’re considering installing steel windows on a new build or upgrading your existing windows, this article will provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision.

What Are Steel Windows?

Steel windows are glass windows with steel frameworks. This type of window is typically made using a welded construction method, in which the steel is welded together to form a solid and stable frame – albeit slim and elegant.

However, not all steel framed windows in the market are engineered the same way and Fabco’s enhanced manufacturing and engineering techniques bring this traditional product in to the 21st Century.

For instance, some windows are painted, while Fabco windows are galvanised AND powder coated. This makes a huge difference in the window lifespan; galvanised windows are the most durable ones.

Black steel windows can be used in a variety of settings, including residential and commercial buildings. They are typically used in place of traditional wooden or aluminium windows and are often chosen for their durability and aesthetic appeal – among other reasons which we explore in the next section.

The Benefits of Steel Windows

Here are the top benefits of steel frame windows:

Strong and Durable

Steel windows are known for their strength and durability, as steel is a very strong and long-lasting material. The material is strong enough to withstand extreme temperatures, so it doesn’t warp or crack when exposed to heat or cold weather conditions. Steel framed windows can withstand harsh weather and maintain their appearance.

As such, steel windows are a great choice for most climates. And they have a long lifespan. In fact, compared to other types of windows such as aluminium or wooden-framed windows, steel windows are the most durable ones and have the longest lifespan.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Black steel windows are rapidly rising in popularity due to their aesthetic appeal.

Since steel is a strong material, steel frame windows have very slim and elegant sightliness. In fact, our windows at Fabco Sanctuary have the slimmest sight-lines in the market. What’s more, slim sight-lines allow for tons of natural light to get inside and serve uninterrupted views of the outside.

Steel windows are also known for their beautiful glazing effect. There are two ways manufacturers achieve this effect: glued-in glazing bars or welded individual glazing bars. The first manufacturing route creates a faux glazing effect. Meanwhile, we use fully-welded steel frames with individual glazing bars to create this style – a more elegant, considered and engineered system.

Design Versatility

Despite their popularity, slimline steel windows do not necessarily need to be black. After the window frame undergoes the process of galvanization, you can choose to paint it in another colour – check out our available RAL colours

In this project, the client chose to go with RAL colour 7016 ‘anthracite grey’.

Moreover, steel frame windows can be made to fit a variety of building aesthetics, from modern to classic and industrial designs.

For instance, in this project, we have combined black steel windows with more traditional elements such as the surrounding wooden frame and overlead detail on the glazing. These elements complement the outside aesthetic of the house.

Also, slimline steel windows offer a diverse system that allows for designing truly bespoke designs that can adapt to and elevate any space.

For this project, we designed bespoke shaped windows for the gable end with large side-hung openings to add a wow factor to the house. 

Thermal Efficiency

Another major benefit of using black steel framed windows is that they are energy-efficient, which means that they can reduce the amount of heat lost through the window.

All steel windows we produce at Fabco Sanctuary meet Building Regs Part L1B and come with a certified B-thermal rating – we are the only company in the industry to achieve this on our slimline steel line. The high-performing Krypton gas-filled double-glazed units and silicone glazing is how we achieve a thermal performance rating of B.

In simple words, steel windows will help you stay warmer in winter and cooler in the summer months, all while spending less on electricity. Yes, your choice of windows can help you save (or spend more) money.

Low Maintenance

Our slimline steel window frames incorporate cutting-edge welding techniques, which are carefully executed. Once the frame has been fully assembled, it goes through the galvanization process, where it’s dipped into a molten zinc mix. This process ensures that the frame won’t rust over time.

Steel windows are different from the other common types of windows that require regular maintenance; all the maintenance that our windows require is regular cleaning.


Steel windows are also an eco-friendly option. Here’s why.

For one, the ability of this type of window to capture heat helps you reduce your energy consumption. Plus, steel windows last a very long time and steel is a 100% recyclable material.

Therefore, steel windows are turning into the go-to choice of environmentally conscious consumers. What’s more, at Fabco, or steel windows are proudly Made In Britain therefore cutting out harmful CO2 emissions.

Steel Windows Costs

Steel windows are typically custom-made to fit the specific dimensions of your space, rather than being mass-produced in standard sizes. Additionally, the manufacturing and installation process for windows can be time-consuming and labour-intensive, which also contributes to their higher cost.

Ultimately, windows are a significant investment, and the price is often driven by design, durability, the type of material used, and the size of the window.

So, while other types of windows such as aluminium may be cheaper, they do not provide the same benefits that we have highlighted above. Plus, the other types of windows require regular maintenance, which is not the case for steel windows. Our windows are more durable than almost all window alternatives and rarely need to be replaced. Therefore, in the long run, steel windows end up being the cost-effective choice?

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, steel framed windows offer a number of benefits for homeowners and builders. They have a unique aesthetic that can complement and elevate a wide range of design styles. They are also known for their strength and durability. 

Black steel windows are energy efficient, low maintenance, and easy to clean, making them a practical choice for those who want a window frame material that is easy to care for. They also offer better protection against intruders, as well as weather resistance and thermal efficiency.

When shopping for steel frame windows, it’s important to look at the materials used, the windows’ energy performance rating and its security system.

Fabco Sanctuary designs, manufactures, and installs bespoke steel windows that offer an industry-leading performance efficiency rating of B.

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