Last year we were contacted by Beth Dadswell who asked us to help bring a very unique project to life. Her and her partner Andrew had purchased a derelict Victorian dairy in South London and they wanted to convert it into a ‘shabby chic’ family home. Graphic and interior designers by trade, Andrew and Beth fell in love with the property’s character; they loved the rusty metal, peeling paint and ‘all things old’ that simply could not have been replicated in a new home.


Their project caught the eye of Grand Designs who were keen to film their 12-month turnaround of the property and it aired on Wednesday 4th October 2017! It was lovely to be able to watch the project grow from its very beginnings to the stunning final design. Everyone at Fabco tuned in, as did a lot of our previous customers, keen to see our work on TV!


We designed, manufactured and installed bespoke steel windows and French doors throughout the property and our work featured quite heavily on the episode. Andrew even described the day the windows were installed as a;


“Really exciting day, probably on a scale beyond 10! Quite a substantial chunk of our budget has gone on the windows, but I think it’s important that a lot of money does go on them… because they’re the first thing you see. They’re quite impactful”


And as the camera pans out and you see the bespoke steel Georgian style French doors in all their beauty it is clear to see what he is talking about. They really do look stunning!


Even Kevin McCloud was visibly impressed, saying how beautiful they were and asking if they were French. He could hardly believe it when Beth told him they were manufactured on the South Coast of England!! He ended the discussion on the windows by saying;


“They do look very, very nice!”


Throughout the episode you would have been forgiven to think Beth and Andrew were mad, taking on such a massive project which many people would have considered a lost cause, but by the end of the episode it was clear to see they really knew what they were doing. Their keen eye for attention to detail and the combination of old and new has really paid off and the couple are left with a stunning property, like none other in London! 


You can watch the episode here on the Grand Designs website.  

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