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Buyer’s guide to black steel doors (+5 design ideas)

Whether you ́re looking to add an industrial edge to your home, embrace an elegant or traditional style, black steel doors can help you achieve just that.

This modern-looking door style has never lost its popularity or allure. Steel is a recyclable material that lasts decades, making black steel doors a robust, eco-friendly option for many homeowners.

In this guide, we cover what you need to know when shopping for metal-framed doors. We also cover 5 black steel door design ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

What are black steel doors?

You will find black steel doors used on residential and commercial buildings, for exterior (hinged doors) and interior (hinged and sliding doors) applications. That’s because these doors are known for their versatility and all-year round durability.

The low-profile frame design opens up space and lets natural light in. Highly customisable, industrial-style steel doors can be the connection between two areas or allow you to create privacy between them – whatever your needs are.

However, not all metal-framed doors are made the same. Art Deco-style doors are known for their aesthetically-pleasing glazing effect. Some manufacturers use stuck-on plastic glazing bars to create a faux effect. At Fabco Sanctuary, all of our steel doors are fully welded and galvanized, resulting in a more durable and authentic door.

Offering the slimmest sightliness in the industry – the perfect blend of design and durability.

Benefits of black steel doors

Compared to other types of doors like wood, aluminium, and fibreglass, steel provides you with several added benefits. Below, we cover the benefits of steel doors and highlight the qualities you should look for when shopping around for an internal or external steel door solution.


Steel doors are often preferred over other types of doors due to their durability, as steel is a robust metal that doesn’t rot, contract nor expand.

Fabco steel doors are galvanised and polyester powder coated making them extremely durable and protects the door from internal and external elements that might wear it down over time.

For that Instagram-worthy, polished all-year-round look, you would want to ensure that your external or internal black steel doors are galvanised. Since there is less risk of the doors being exposed to moisture in an internal environment, some manufacturers choose not to galvanise internal doors. However, to ensure the longevity of the product, we at Fabco galvanise both internal and external door frames.

These types of doors also require fewer repairs than wood or aluminium options.

As such, steel-framed doors have a longer lifespan than doors made from other materials, especially if they ́re of high quality and properly installed. They retain their value in the long run and add value to your home. What’s more, this feature makes black steel doors one of the most eco-friendly options on the market (more of that below).

Energy efficiency

As the world progresses into a future that is more environmentally friendly, black steel external doors are becoming increasingly popular, both at-home and in commercial office spaces.

At Fabco, we use high-performing Krypton gas-filled double glazed units and silicone glazing that help us achieve a thermal performance rating of B – this is industry-leading in slimline steel doors and windows.

This makes our doors and windows more energy-efficient compared to alternatives, especially during winter months.

What’s more, Fabco Sanctuary is one of the few steel door manufacturers that uses a silicone glazing system. Silicone glazing is a traditional glazing method that is more secure, energy efficient, weather proof, and consequently more durable.


Steel-framed doors offer excellent security with its solid metal construction and high-quality locking mechanisms. That is, as long as you purchase from a reputable manufacturer that complies with regulatory requirements and best practices.

Black steel doors that have passed the PAS24 security test will ensure the maximum level of security. PAS24 tested products go through diligent tests to assess the security of the product as a whole.

In this case, PAS24 tested steel doors offer a higher level of security as they are designed and manufactured to withstand not only accidental damage, but also more purposeful intrusions – such as attempted break-ins and tampering.


The strength of steel makes it possible to bring endless design ideas to life. For instance, it is not uncommon to see floor-to-ceiling black steel doors.

Slimline steel doors will bring a sleek design to your residential or commercial space. Their versatility gives you endless design options to choose from or create – from modern to traditional designs.

Different types of black steel doors

Below, we summarise three of the most popular styles of steel doors.

Black steel external doors

External use is one of the most common uses for black steel doors. This style allows all the outside light in.

You can find small black steel doors and ones that cover one size of the room. While the frame is thin, these doors are safe for external use.

Black steel internal doors

Steel internal doors are perfect for allowing the light to seep through different areas of your space.

These types of doors are elegant and can be used to create an openness between areas, whilst also offering an element of privacy and sound-proofing. Common use cases include home offices, lounge areas, and indeed any area that could benefit from internal partitioning of sound and space.

Black steel shower doors

Black steel shower doors can add an air of elegance to your bathroom space. These doors can be customized to fit any almost any space and align with your existing design.

Perfect for achieving that luxury hotel look, within the comfort of your own home!

5 black steel door design ideas

For inspiration, look no further than some of our own projects. Below is a list of ideas that can add a touch of luxury, modernity, and robustness to any living space.

1. Create an open-plan living space

Internal black steel doors are perfect for creating separation between two areas without fully closing them off from one another; the space will instantly look larger, yet more refined.

2. Let the outside in

These double-sided external black slimline steel doors create a connection between the outside garden and the kitchen / lounge area, allowing you to experience nature close-up.

This design is perfect if you have a garden, terrace, or balcony area, and would like to maintain a sense of visual proximity.

3. Get creative

One of the best things about steel windows and doors is that your options are near limitless. You can combine different types of black steel door and windows together to create any design you can dream of. Steel doors are highly customisable to your wants and needs.

4. Make better use of your space

Internal sliding screen doors can also help you to utilise your space more efficiently. Have a room that’s slightly too large? Make it two. You can use this example as an inspiration, creating a partition between a living and creative space to make better use of the individual areas within your home.

5. Show character

Textured glass and custom glass insignia or text? It can be done.

Besides playing with the shape and placement of black steel doors, you can also adjust the frame and glass design. Add a unique touch to best showcase your individual character.

Buying black steel doors

Black-framed metal doors are a long-term investment, which not only provide light and space, but can also improve the value of your home.

Fabco Sanctuary is a leading designer, manufacturer, and installer of steel-framed doors, windows, and partitions. Based in the United Kingdom, the company combines technology and creativity to make stunning designs that turn into high-quality, functional, and secure doors.

There are three things you should look for when buying black steel doors; Fabco Sanctuary offers all three.

1. Energy performance and thermal efficiency – Fabco Sanctuary doors have a B-thermal efficiency rating, meaning they are fully compliant with building regulations.

2. Quality – Steel quality can last for over 100 years. Even then, it can be easily repaired to last another century.

3. Security – Fabco doors have passed the PAS24 security standard test to achieve a multi-point lock-in system. This makes these doors almost impossible to break through.

Got a project in mind? Get in touch with Fabco Sanctuary to make it happen.


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