Window Guards Technical Specification

At Fabco we have been instrumental in the change in attitude to window protection and we are continuously endeavouring to improve our products. We consult with specialist organisations on window protection and together we have developed techniques that have become the standard that all others strive to achieve.

Steel Window Guard

The accepted standard for window protection on churches and historic buildings, is 3”x ½ ”x 12swg stainless steel mesh, guarding individual lights finished in a black powder coat paint.

We offer the highest quality product available at a competitive price across the whole of the United Kingdom and Europe

The following specifications allow us to offer a Life Time guarantee against corrosion or faulty workmanship, and even against a determined attack of vandalism.

Stained Glass Steel Window Guard


All window guards manufactured by Fabco use materials manufactured in the UK which are fully certified for conformance, we do not use inferior and sub standard imported Chinese mesh. At Fabco we use AISI 304 stainless steel in most area’s except salt laden environments such as coastal regions or area’s of heavy industry where AISI 316 stainless steel would be used.


Each guard is fully profiled to each aperture of each window, weld mesh with a 3” x ½”(12 swg) spacing is re enforced with a 6mm perimeter (8mm may be used on exceptionally large guards). Each guard is welded at each intersection using AISI 308 fully annealed stainless steel wire using a continuous inert gas fully shrouded welded arc process, some manufacturers spot weld the mesh to the perimeter window frame, this has proven to be a weakness in their guards.

Steel Window Guard Fabrication


Our standard steel window guard finish is a semi-matt black high temperature powder coat to our own specification. We have developed this process using a type of non reflective paint which gives the desired effect of making the metal window guard virtually disappear from sight when viewing from a short distance. This process has extended life span compared to normal polyester powder coat finishing.


Our metal window guards are fixed using a minimal amount of stainless steel clips secured with stainless steel screws into gray nylon Fischer masonry plugs. The guards are fitted with a slight amount of tension so as to deflect any missiles when attacked. Our experience tells us that it is vary rare to be able to use the joints in the stonework for fixing window guards and it is in most cases preferable not to, therefore our standard installation would be to drill the stone itself, however we will use the joints of the stonework where possible if required. Each guard is secured on the innermost profile of the stonework so that the detail of the window masonry can be viewed in its entirety.

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