Window Guards The Process

Initial site survey provides:

A quotation fixed for 18 months as well as a sample and specification. Planning permission assistance (if required) and potential VAT exemption guidance.

On site pattern taking and measurement:

Our skilled craftsman take great care in cutting each template. This a critical stage as the end result is dependant upon how accurate the templates are.

Manufacture at factory:

Using the templates to make bending jigs, the perimeter profiles are hand formed using heat, once the profiles are formed they are then welded to the mesh which is them cut off and cleaned up. The newly made guards are paint finished and ready for installation.


On site the guards are fitted to the windows, consideration is given to fixing points in order to minimise disturbance to the stonework.


If we are carrying out the complete service then normally projects are completed within four weeks of receipt of order, if for instance a glass studio/contractor is providing templates and fitting themselves then normally our timescale is ten days maximum from receipt of templates.

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