New Sanctuary Classic Window

Metal Window Frame Restoration Service

Our metalwork craftsmen offer a complete metal window frame restoration service including consultation, site survey, removal, temporary glazing, restoration, glazing and installation.

Restoration of existing metal casements when carried out correctly greatly extends the life span and reduces the constant maintenance normally experienced with old windows. It protects both the historic integrity of the building and the visual appearance, something that is lost when new modern steel windows are fitted. Even greatly deteriorated windows are brought back to new condition by replacing corroded sections with materials machined to match the existing sections. The required level of restoration is assessed and discussed with the client and can vary from just a clean up to a complete rebuild. For instance a clean up would be where a window has suffered minor corrosion and years of painting, a complete rebuild would be total dismantling, stabilising and replacement of sections and re-assembly.

Window Restoration Process

In all cases with metal windows, the corrosion that is visible of the surface is much less severe than in the areas that are hidden and often in contact with the stone or timber frame, therefore restoration is not possible to carry out correctly when the window is left in situ. To be restored correctly a window needs to be removed and brought back to our works for treatment. Whilst undergoing restoration we will provide temporary glazing with ventilation if required.

Once back at our works we stabilise the window ready for the restoration process which involves:

  1. Shot-blasting back to the base material, removing all paint residue and corrosion.
  2. Replacement of material to match the original sections, blended and aged to hide the restoration.
  3. Re-machining of all fixing points and hinges.
  4. Straightening and adjusting the opening operation.
  5. Polishing and restoration of any window furniture or replacement of original with replica or period furniture.
  6. corrosion protection with either galvanising or hot zinc coating.
  7. Application of a polyester powder coat, stove enamel or hand painted finish.
  8. Re assembly and adjustment.
  9. Glazing.
  10. Installation.

Window Weatherproofing

Some windows allow us to incorporate a new modern weather-seal, this depends on the format of the window and the section of the window. This would be discussed at initial site survey

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