Isothermal Glazing Frames

Fabco is a Specialist Isothermal Glazing Frame Manufacturer

Isothermal Glazing Frames Protect your Fragile or Stained Glass Windows

Isothermal Glazing Frames provide Support and Longevity for your Steel Windows


Our Isothermal Glazing system is designed to overcome the concerns that have arose from the manufacturing processes and materials that are commonly employed in Isothermal Glazing, ensuring that the glass is fully supported by the window frame and not reliant on the glass itself for support.

Our Isothermal Glazing frames utilise a heavier angle section that is profiled to the window aperture and the glass is retained using a removable bead section, the Isothermal Glazing frames are manufactured using a brazing technique which is considerably stronger than soldering. The Iso-thermic frames are attached to the masonry using brass section machined to suit the angle of the stonework, and then the glass is installed in the rigid frame.

What is Isothermal Glazing

Isothermal glazing is used to protect valuable and fragile stained glass, it is a system where the glass is shielded from the elements and damage that they may cause.

In the past basic secondary glazing had been used as a form of protection but allowances were not made for the build up of heat and condensation and subsequently further damage occurred as a result. Isothermal glazing goes some way to solving this problem.

Several glass studios have brought about its development and although their methods vary the basic principles are the same.

  1. The stained glass is removed from its position and replaced with glass which can be zone toughened for protection, with U. V. resistant glass or any other glass that may be desired. On windows where the visual impact is important, then all the lead work is duplicated from the stained glass.

  2. The stained glass is then placed in a bronze or brass frame and situated inside the outer glass leaving sufficient space between the panels. The frame allows for airflow between the panels thus dissipating any build up of heat and condensation. The airflow is achieved by having inlets at both the top and bottom of the frame; either by having gaps between the masonry and frame or by replacing part of the daylight border of the glass with a mesh.

At Fabco we offer a service of Isothermal glazing frame manufacture and work in conjunction with specialist stained glass studios.

Other Isothermal Glazing Systems

Although we do not wish to criticise any other product or specialist we are concerned about the future stability of the glass when certain methods are employed, particularly the section of material used in relation to the weight of the glass, the use of soldering to join these sections and also the use of copper lugs to attach the frame to the masonry.