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Restoration of gates and railings:

More recently the attitude towards conservation and restoration of our heritage has become more important than that which was previously adopted, particularly in relation to period or historic metalwork, such as wrought and cast iron gates railings, balustrades and balconies.

At Fabco we offer a complete restoration service for wrought and cast iron metalwork as well as a design and manufacture service for new bespoke decorative ironwork. Combining the correct techniques with the correct approach and skills means it is possible to greatly extend the life span whilst retaining the historic content of the metalwork for future generations to enjoy. Sympathetically we bring back to life gates and railings which previously would have been discarded or replaced unnecessarily.

"Discussion is the most important issue involved in restoration of metalwork, it is important that the client gets the highest level service and that the end result is to their satisfaction, within an economical budget.

For example: it would not be acceptable to carry out a basic level of restoration on particularly sensitive historic piece of metalwork, but equally well  it would not be appropriate to carry an extensive and expensive restoration program  to a set of garden gates that just need a bit of attention. Each project should be treated on its own merits and the client should be fully consulted."

What degree of restoration do you need?

The extent of a restoration can vary greatly; condition and historic value are just some of the factors considered prior to renovation. One project may just need refreshing by means of removing mild corrosion and previous paint layers, another project may involve complete rebuild with custom handmade parts to replace missing sections in the cast iron or the wrought iron.

After an initial survey, we will consult with our clients to discuss what options are available to them and prepare a full detailed proposal of the works to be undertaken. This is very important because as mentioned above the degree of restoration can vary greatly and the client should be assured that their expectations are met by the company carrying out the restoration project.

Again our service is offered nationwide with the same levels of assurance and customer satisfaction as all other work that Fabco is known to specialise in, each project is treated with the utmost regard and is approached with our determination to give the highest level of service and product at an economical cost to our clients.