New Sanctuary Classic Windows

We have released this window based on a superior design from the Victorian period. The difference between this window and most windows of that period is not only the detail in the section of the material but the weight of the window. Most windows of that era we produced using flimsy angle section frames which sealed poorly and distorted quickly. Most period windows commercially available today are economic attempts to reproduce those frames using some format of the W20 section.

The section we have extruded is much heavier than usual and can incorporate a modern weather seal. It is aimed at a market where the windows are considered to be of equal aesthetic importance as any other part of the building.

The windows are available as side hung, top or bottom hung casements as well as fixed lights. Various glazing bars are available along with various options of window furniture. The windows lend themselves to both leadlight and clear glazing and can be fitted into both timber and stone apertures

(Casement Windows) (Restoration Service) (Bespoke new or replica casements)