Stable Block Window Frame Keddlestone Hall

Bespoke New or Replica Window Casements

Manufacture of replica or period Window Casements is carried out again in consultation with the client; the requirements can vary from producing a suitable period window to maintain the aesthetics of a building to producing an exact replica of an original using the same processes of that period.

An example of this is when we were required to make replica windows for the stable block at Keddlestone Hall for the National Trust, these windows were 400 years old and were metal windows with dovetail joints rather than forging.


After consultation and agreement on the window frame to be made, the hardest part for us is to source the materials required for the sections of the frame. In the past many of these sections were commercially available however today none of these sections can be sought unless we have large quantities extruded for us. Unless we have a significant amount of the same windows to make, then it is more economical to machine the sections ourselves out of solid bar.

Once we have the sections of material we decide on the process of manufacture, this can be either by using the latest welding technology or by using the traditional methods of the period.

Once manufactured the windows go through the same process as restoration with future corrosion prevention, paint finishing and glazing

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